• Flat Rock

    Ask for directions to get to this private large coral pool. If the waves are low there is a paradisiacal pool for swimming and snorkeling. Not many people go here!
  • Paki Point Bar and Restaurant

    Comfortable lounges infront of big wave and surf area called Tiger Tail..10 min walk from your casita.
  • Rent an ATV from Pirates

    Pirates are located across the street rent sturdy ATV if you are looking for adventure.
  • Across the street at Skully's

    Beach front restaurant and bar has a swimming pool and our guests are welcome anytime. These coral pools are perfect for the little ones.
  • Sea Horse at Bluff

    Walk or take a taxi to Bluff Beach. Really good restaurants and bars for your entertainment pleasure
  • Coral Pool

    Across the street you can float in this perfectly clean and protected pool
  • Hammock

    over the water at Skully's. Lovely spot across the road from Monkey Tree
  • Across the Street

    Relaxing! Skully's is very popular with my guests
  • Beach Front Bar

    Across the street...Skully's very popular spot
  • Coral Pools

    Coral Pool Heaven

  • My Guests going snorkeling

  • Bluff

    Cute restaurants and Pizza on the beach.
  • Paunch

    My friend Daniel surfing at Paunch. 18 min. walking from Monkey Tree
  • 10 min. walk

    10 min. walk up the beach to Paki Point Restaurant and Bar
  • Secret Private Lagoon
  • Float in Coral Pools

    Directly across the street are lovely coral pools and snorkeling over the reefs

Our Beach Road Beaches steps away from Monkey Tree

Casita 2 From $130... Luxury in the Jungle Tree house feel with all of the amenities.

Private fully screened casita and with fully equipped kitchen panoramic view of the jungle, tropical garden and monkey trees. Just 2 minute walk to swimming and snorkeling. 10 minute taxi ride to town where you can go out for dinner at one of the popular local restaurants. Beach bar and pizza place across the street. Quality linens and orthopedic mattresses. Sleeps 5.

Casita 1 From $130... Hideaway by the Sea Designer tree house... luxury in the jungle!

Enjoy the highest on the hill private fully screened casita surrounded by flowering gardens with an unobstructed view of the monkey trees. Across the street float in pristine coral pools and snorkel over the reef. Beach bar restaurant and a pizza place next door. Quality linens and orthopedic mattresses. Spotlessly clean. Sleeps 5. 3 night minimum stay