• Float in Coral Pools

    Directly across the street are lovely coral pools and snorkeling over the reefs
  • Perfect Day for Snorkeling

    You can choose to float around in completely enclosed coral pools or get over the reef and snorkel in water that is about 15 feet deep.
  • Flat Rock

    Ask for directions to get to this private large coral pool. If the waves are low there is a paradisiacal pool for swimming and snorkeling. Not many people go here!
  • Paki Point Bar and Restaurant

    Comfortable lounges infront of big wave and surf area called Tiger Tail..10 min walk from your casita.
  • Rent an ATV from Pirates

    Pirates are located across the street rent sturdy ATV if you are looking for adventure.
  • Across the street at Skully's

    Beach front restaurant and bar has a swimming pool and our guests are welcome anytime. These coral pools are perfect for the little ones.
  • Sea Horse at Bluff

    Walk or take a taxi to Bluff Beach. Really good restaurants and bars for your entertainment pleasure
  • Coral Pool

    Across the street you can float in this perfectly clean and protected pool
  • Hammock

    over the water at Skully's. Lovely spot across the road from Monkey Tree
  • The "Piscina"

    Rent an ATV and find these exquisite pools
  • Across the Street

    Relaxing! Skully's is very popular with my guests
  • Beach Front Bar

    Across the street...Skully's very popular spot
  • Coral Pools

    Coral Pool Heaven

  • My Guests going snorkeling

  • Bluff

    Cute restaurants and Pizza on the beach.
  • Paunch

    My friend Daniel surfing at Paunch. 18 min. walking from Monkey Tree
  • 10 min. walk

    10 min. walk up the beach to Paki Point Restaurant and Bar

Our Beach Road Beaches steps away from Monkey Tree