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Monkey Tree is 10 minutes by taxi from the busy Bocas town.



Point A is Bocas Town and Point B is Monkey Tree

For more comprehensive map of Bocas town and route to Monkey Tree click on the following link:

https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zsDoTKqXoI3g.kQR-Tuh9SnogMap of Bocas and Monkey Tree

Monkey Tree is a private nature retreat for independent travelers located across the street from exquisite beaches, surfing, snorkeling, and swimming.

Our casitas have a fully equipped kitchen, cell phone, and WiFi with the best internet connection available on the island.

Each is uniquely beautiful, clean and comfortable with an inspiring kitchen and cozy beds.

From the hammock, there is a birds eye view into the trees. One can gaze out into the foliage watching for monkeys, and the many birds and insects that visit. Monkeys are heard, just out of sight, making lots of noise. A big male is howling and causing a scene. Some smaller monkey chatter, probably babies.

The ocean waves are always in the background and the hypnotic drone of insects lulls one into a state of irresistible relaxation.

Other frequent visitors include the Montezuma Oropendola. These are large black birds, with long bright yellow tail feathers. Their outrageous calls make them very entertaining and hard to miss. The Oropendola travel in groups of 7 or 10, cackling wildly as they feed on nuts from tree to tree. I have seen their nesting tree near by, where they have around 20 pendulous nests.

Above all, guests appreciate the privacy of this hidden treasure of a property.

Monkey Tree is just 2 miles from the town and across the street from an exquisite swimming and snorkeling spot.

Walk ten minutes up the Bluff Beach Road and you will come across the new surf club where you can eat, drink and socialize on chaise lounges with view of Tiger Tail and its surfers.

Walk 10 minutes to Paunch and Dumpers for surf.

Call on your house phone to our preferred taxi and go to town for $3 per person.